Lavender Earl Grey Scones with Lemon Glaze

As the weather has been absolutely beautiful lately, I have been thoroughly enjoying my extra time off from work.  It's been full of gardening, writing, reading, baking, and (I’m not going to lie) pinteresting.  For a while now, I had been meaning to try my hand at making Earl Grey scones, but just hadn’t gotten [...]

Using a Nature Friendly Hairbrush

Having melted the plastic bristles on my old hairbrush with a blow-dryer, I finally broke down and got a new one.  However, because I wanted to make sure I made an educated as well as eco-friendly choice for my replacement, I took some time to research my different options.  Because I have thick, long, and [...]

Sentimental Clutter

Finally! The spring semester has finally come to an end, and with it all the responsibilities of classes.  Having taken my last final and found myself back home again, I have begun my personal ritual of self-assessment. Every time I come home from college, I am amazed by the amount of stuff I own!  I have been [...]

Living Lightly Upon the Earth: Brushing with Bamboo

There are many different ways in which humans have neglected to take responsibility for the environment, and as I have researched and begun my transition into a more eco-friendly lifestyle, I often question my use of plastic.  As a result, one thing that really began to bother me was the amount of plastic toothbrushes that [...]

My Choice to Pursue Minimalism

Minimalism.  The word often has a powerful result upon the hearer.  In my experience, there is a broad spectrum of reactions that people may have in response to it.  For some it’s intimidation, others fascination, and in my case, inspiration.  As a young college student, I am a strong believer that the world is what you [...]