Using a Nature Friendly Hairbrush

Having melted the plastic bristles on my old hairbrush with a blow-dryer, I finally broke down and got a new one.  However, because I wanted to make sure I made an educated as well as eco-friendly choice for my replacement, I took some time to research my different options.  Because I have thick, long, and finely-textured hair,  I did not want to sacrifice my ease of styling for a hasty, environmentally friendly choice.  Furthermore, it’s not my first time making a green purchase, and I know well enough that just because something is advertised as eco-friendly, it doesn’t always follow that it is.

eco friendly brush.jpg


Keeping this in mind, I set out to find a hairbrush that would meet my needs for styling as well as my desire to remain considerate of the environment (I was already feeling guilty that my last hairbrush would be heading to a landfill).  After surfing the internet and scrolling through my many options, I finally settled on a Schöne Body paddle brush.  Schöne Body is a Swedish company which produces hand-made oil treated beech wood brushes with an eco-friendly mission statement.  I felt reassured about the standards of sustainability that the company would be adhering to, due to the fact that Sweden is considered to be one of the most environmentally responsible countries in the world.  The bristles on the brush are 100% Boar which I was excited about because they wouldn’t melt when exposed to heat.  The only material aspect I was uncertain about was the fact that the brush is padded with rubber.  This however, did not deter me as I found it nearly impossible to find a brush without some sort of rubber padding being used.


Now for my practical analysis of how the brush has performed.  Having discussed the sustainability of the product, I would like to give an honest review of my experience with the brush.  Below I have included a list of performance pros and cons.

First off the pros:

  • Boar bristles are excellent for the hair because of the way they distribute natural oils. Boar bristles help to add a natural shine and luster without the extra addition of product.
  • The bristles are soft, minimizing the amount of breakage. Already I find that I have less split ends since I started using my Schöne Body Brush.
  • The softness of the brush allows me to give my hairstyles a smooth finish without creating unwanted frizz.
  • This brush can be used on both wet and dry hair, and the boar bristles won’t melt like my old plastic ones did when used in combination with a blow-dryer.
  • Perhaps the most exciting facet of this brush is that when I wear my hair curly (I’m talking ringlet curly), the brush helps to loosen the curls into softer ones without making my hair a frizzy mess.

Now for the cons:

  • The boar bristles are very soft, and though this has its benefits, it does increase the amount of time it takes for me to brush my hair due to the nature of its thickness. I’m forced to brush my hair in small increments at a time.
  • When my hair is extremely dry, the brush occasionally causes my hair to have extra static (A little bit of water can fix this).
  • The large size of the paddle can be a bit cumbersome when brushing, though this is likely only noticeable to me because I have never owned a paddle-style brush before.
  • The softness of the bristles can cause an issue when large knots form.  It is my suggestion to use the brush in combination with a detangling comb to avoid this.

Overall, I have been very satisfied with my new brush, and feel secure in knowing that it was a sustainable choice.

If you are interested in buying your own Schöne Body brush, they can be found at the link below or

Schöne Body Paddle Brush @SchöneBody


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