My Choice to Pursue Minimalism

Minimalism.  The word often has a powerful result upon the hearer.  In my experience, there is a broad spectrum of reactions that people may have in response to it.  For some it’s intimidation, others fascination, and in my case, inspiration.  As a young college student, I am a strong believer that the world is what you make of it, and it is my goal to make the most of the life that has been given me.  I haven’t always valued intentional living as I do now, but for me it has become such an important aspect of my life, that it affects everything I do.

There are many different reasons a person might seek a lifestyle of minimalism, but in the end the answer is simple: minimalists are seeking improvement.  It is an intrinsic desire, and the materialist principles of modern society serve only to further enhance it.   Those who turn minimalist have witnessed how materialism fosters nothing but a momentary happiness and a lifetime of dissatisfaction.  A vicious cycle, materialism’s cries for “more” consume all who seek it.  It devours their time, satisfaction, and overall happiness.

Now it’s important to understand the background that cultivated my transition to minimalism. As a lifelong Christian, it is not a difficult jump to incorporate minimalism into Christianity.  In fact the two are harmonious.  However, it was not addtext_com_mtyxnze1nde0njquntil the summer of 2016, that I truly began to realize the wealth of contentment that a minimalist life offers.  There is little as satisfying as seeing one’s cluttered life transformed by purposeful living.   I couldn’t believe how good I felt the more invested in minimalism I became, and the more I learned, the more I realized that it was a natural fit with my faith.  In fact, I found my faith strengthened by my new lifestyle.

As this is an introduction to my lifestyle choice, I would like to encourage others who might be considering it.   For the sake of reassuring anyone who is feeling intimidated by the apparent perfection of minimalists, I add this disclaimer;
there is no “right” way to approach minimalism.  It is personal, flexible, and unique to each individual.  I myself am far from the “perfect minimalist”, however it is a journey of self-improvement and the joy is found in the process.


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